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IMPORTANT – whenever we suffer any kind of dental trauma, fracture, partial or complete loss of the tooth, we immediately look for a professional dentist, if the accident occurs on weekends or holidays, do not wait for the first day, look for an emergency room 24 hours since the time these cases, especially when there is complete loss of the tooth, time is the most important factor in successful treatment, always remember to bring the element that was removed or broken part.
Some basic procedure can be adopted by the patient or his guardian or chaperone before heading to the center of dental care.

1. Finding the missing tooth or part fractured, rinse it gently with saline solution and if you can not replaces it in its place of origin (dental socket), place in a container with saline or failing that, within a container of milk.

2. If you are not children, for the patient’s mouth, under the tongue, is an ideal place to put the tooth until you reach the dental center.

3. Never hold the tooth by the root, where the crown, and do not remove the gingival fibers that are normally attached to the tooth.

4. Do not wash or scrub the tooth or similar detergent, rinse briefly under running water or saline.

5. The tooth should always be kept moist, or under the tongue or in saline, or container of milk.

6. The sooner the tooth is restored to its original position by the dentist, the better your chances of success.

7. In cases where bleeding occurs in the gums, make a slight compression bandage on it to stop the bleeding and direct the victim to press with their teeth or bite a piece of gauze in the region where there was tooth loss.

When the teeth fractures occur in cases of accidents, it is important to take the part of the fractured tooth because it may be treated, smoothed by the professional and reset to its original position.

The crown fractures, crown fractures also called these days are easily resolved with restorative materials, where even without the recovery of the fractured lost in the accident, the teeth can be restored with excellent aesthetic results.

Every precaution should be taken by the professional who is handling the case, because in many cases a fracture of the crown, or crown fracture, may be also accompanied by a root fracture, root fracture, which can be horizontal, vertical and oblique or at different stages of the root, cervical, middle or apical, usually a simple clinical examination aided by an examination.